Investment Philosophy

Haverford, comprised of Haverford Financial Services and The Haverford Trust Company, provides investment management services based on our Quality Investing approach. Refined over three decades, Haverford’s Quality Investing strategy is committed to maximizing returns while minimizing risk throughout the entire market cycle. Quality Investing focuses on A-rated equities that deliver consistent earnings and dividend growth, and investment grade fixed income securities that seek to protect both principal and income over the long term.

Haverford’s Philosophy Has Never Changed

We believe the clients’ interests are best served by applying a unified, disciplined investment approach that is consistent over time. Haverford takes pride in the fact that our investment philosophy has not changed in the history of the firm.

Our Quality Growth Portfolio is founded on our belief that:

Haverford’s primary investment goals are to generate premium returns over full market cycles, protect the purchasing power and principal of our clients’ portfolios, and minimize risk during difficult times.

From our original focus on large-cap growth equities, we have applied the Quality Investing strategy to additional diversification options including fixed income strategies, socially-responsible investing, this mutual fund and the Haverford Quality 250TM, a fundamentally-weighted portfolio of quality companies.

Mutual fund investing involves risk, including loss of principal.