Fund Family Overview

Haverford Financial Services provides investment management services based on Haverford’s Quality Investing strategy. The Haverford Quality Growth Stock Fund is a mutual fund based on that same Quality Investing strategy. Made up of generally the same stocks as regular Haverford portfolio accounts, the Fund typically contains between 25 and 35 companies diversified across a variety of economic sectors and industry groups.

To be considered for inclusion in the fund, each security must exhibit:

The desired result for investors in the Fund is stability and reduced volatility, with upside potential. It is important to note that because of Haverford's focus on long-term fundamentals, the Quality Growth Stock Fund enjoys relatively low portfolio turnover (10-20%) and an efficient tax structure.

We recommend a minimum of three to five year time horizon for investments in the Fund.

Haverford Quality Growth Stock Fund

Investors who seek long-term growth of capital and income and are willing to bear the risk of investing in equity securities.

The Fund seeks long term growth of capital by investing in well-known and established stocks with continued earnings and a history of paying dividends.

The Haverford Quality Growth Stock Fund is/are distributed by SEI Investments Distribution Co. SEI Investments Distribution Co. (SIDCO) is not affiliated with The Haverford Trust Company or any other affiliate. Check the background of SIDCO on FINRA’s Brokercheck .